When it comes to your career, don’t bother asking yourself what type of job you want, ask yourself what kind of life do you want?!

To ensure a successful career, I encourage my clients to match their aspirations to their unique personality and capabilities, then follow a sequence of well-thought-out and achievable goals. It’s very much a step by step approach!

My role as your career counsellor is to support you while you explore, pursue and attain your career goals. This can be done by helping you gain greater self-awareness in your values, interests, personality style, and abilities.

Career counselling can connect you with resources so that you can become knowledgeable about certain jobs and occupations. Assist you through the decision-making process. And by empowering you to take ownership of your career path.

I provide confidential, objective advice on any careers and courses that are being considered.

Career Guidance

This is where I work with you to identify the type of work or field that is most suitable to you and your unique set of circumstances. The first question I usually get is “I want to know what career I’m most suited to?” And this comes down to many factors, all of which we'll work through together.

You will discover the careers best suited to your interests, values, strengths, weaknesses and personality.

We will explore the many career options available and then you will research and identify the most suitable career option. You will learn about all the different training, course or university options.

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